Vote From Anywhere: Online Elections Are The Future

Fancy voting on a train, on a pacific cruise, riding your bike (but be careful) or even while having coffee. This is voting made easy.

Imagine being on that long awaited fishing vacation and the fish are biting then you have to leave the location to simply place a vote on a specific day. If you have the convenience of being able to use your mobile phone, press a button and vote for your preferred candidate then you are much more likely to place your vote. Electronic voting systems allow everyone to use this option and it would certainly improve voting numbers where voting is not mandatory.

Internet voting systems have been used in some countries for a number of years. India has used electronic voting machines since 2004. Other countries are still assessing this style of voting and with the development of systems like ElectionRunner this will become the normal process rather than the unusual in the future.

For countries which have mandatory voting for all government elections, like Australia, this would give the voter more flexibility in time management. It is possible to send an early postal vote and also vote absentee but these have to be supervised by approved staff. This process is a manual process requiring more staff to input the votes and monitor the results.

For those who are disadvantaged physically and who find travel difficult and expensive then e-voting would be a much-preferred option. To have polling stations physically supervised by government representatives or independent electoral authorities is a huge cost to the country so e-voting would provide a large cost saving.

There will be concerns regarding transparency of voting and security issues but registration of all voters and in-depth testing over a long period of time will eventually overcome these concerns. After all online banking is an everyday occurrence in most households today and if done correctly is secure and needs no oversight to complete transactions. E-voting can be the same with systems like the ElectionRunner software.

There are many different styles of Elections conducted daily and social media shows this to be a very popular way of gaining support for different issues being discussed. Using the Election Runner system allows you to custom design your specific campaign to suit the context of your business or interest you may be promoting.

Schools and Universities are using this style of software for many of the student activities to judge the outcomes and initiatives they are researching or planning for the future. These can be set up in a very short time and do not require paper designs, printing, oversight by officials or anything other than a mobile device to put into action.

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